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Freemans Bay Medical Services

Freemans Bay Medical Centre works hard to provide the highest quality general practice. We recognise the importance of health promotion, disease prevention and lifestyle balance for long term wellbeing.

We are especially keen to help care for young children, offering FREE care for under 13's. For adult and other fees please see our fees page.


An overview of our services:

General Medical and Preventative Healthcare

All of our doctors can provide a full range of general practice consultations. We allocate 15 minutes for consultations which is generally enough time to deal with one major or two minor issues. If you have a number of complex issues, you will need to book a double appointment. We do our best to run to time but the unpredictable nature of our work means that sometimes there may be a wait.

Well Child Care

The Freemans Bay Medical team are experienced with children and their particular needs. Babies are checked periodically during their first year of life to ensure that they are developing correctly, and we enjoy catching up with our youngest patients at their 6 week, 3 month and 5 month visits. Babies are weighed and measured to make sure that they are arriving at the various developmental milestones.

Apart from checking an infant's physical and emotional growth, these sessions provide a great opportunity for parents to ask questions from an expert and have any problem addressed; difficulties with breastfeeding or sleep for example. They are also used to discuss immunisations and vaccinations.

All of our nurses are trained in immunisation.

Minor Accident Care

We provide assistance for most minor injuries and accidents. Our nurses provide telephone advice, work closely with our doctors in all aspects of patient care, and are skilled in wound care management.

Repeat Prescriptions

See our repeat scripts page for information and a quick online form to fill in.

Minor Surgery

Our doctors offer minor surgery, which is carried out in our dedicated procedure room. Costs will vary, so please talk to your doctor about your procedure first.

Test Results

We will contact you if your test results show something wrong - we do not routinely contact you with normal results. If you are concerned about your test results, please make an appointment with your doctor.

Travel Health

See our travel medicine page for information.

Skin Checks - Dermoscopy

Unfortunately, skin cancer is very common in New Zealand. A spot check should be carried out every one - two years, especially if you are fair skinned. New skin spots that seem unusual should be checked as soon as possible. Dr Susie Moller and Dr Christine Forster are trained in Dermoscopy. Please book a 30 minute appointment for this.

Aclasta Infusions

Aclasta is used in the treatment of osteoporosis and Pagets disease. It is a infusion of a bone strengthening medication, and is now funded for many people. If you meet the criteria, the cost is $130 (for enrolled patients).

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