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We encourage all our patients to enrol with us as their preferred provider of General Practice Services. This allows us to claim subsidies from the Ministry of Health on your behalf. These subsidies enable us to keep your health costs as low as possible.

You can only be enrolled at one practice, however you are free to attend any practice or emergency centre as a casual, full paying patient at any time.

Capitation Funding Information

Freemans Bay Medical Centre is a member of the ProCare Central PHO. This enables us to access increased government funding and reduce fees charged to patients. This process is done through a bulk funding system called Capitation. The practice is paid a set amount to provide care to the enrolled group patients for a set period of time. This process requires us to submit registers, to the District Health Board for them to approve funding for those patients. Problems can arise when the DHB does not accept a patient as a member of our practice and hence we receive no funding to pass on to you.

There are a number of reasons why this may occur:

  • The new patient may not yet have their enrolment accepted by the DHB. It can take up to 5 months to get accepted as an enrolled patient, depending when in the enrolment cycle you sign up.
  • Patients maybe enrolled in another practice. Some practices have encouraged patients to register with them even though they do not have a long term relationship with the patient. This results in the funding being transferred to that practice and if the patient subsequently returns to this practice we have no funding to reduce the fee.
  • Errors in patient details. If there are problems with your personal details this can result in funding being rejected.
  • Infrequent attendance. If you have not been seen in the practice for 3 years your enrolment becomes invalid and funding stops. This can be avoided by confirming your intentions to stay enrolled in writing.

Whilst we make every effort to pass on Capitation funding through discounted fees, we do need your co-operation to ensure this. You can assist us by checking your personal details with the Receptionists and by being wary about signing forms if you seek medical attention elsewhere.

Occasionally there are "unexplained" problems with enrolments so if you feel you have been charged incorrectly please contact our Practice Manager Rebecca MacCormick to discuss this.

Keeping in Touch

Please keep us up to date with your correct address and phone details so we can contact you when needed.


Our charges are displayed in the reception area. Payment is requested after your consultation. Visitors and first time patients are asked to pay before consultation. Other arrangements can be made by contacting our practice manager, Rebecca MacCormick.

NON ATTENDANCE: If you are unable to make your appointment, please give us 2 hours notice of cancellation. Otherwise you will be billed for non-attendance.

Test Results

All test results are reviewed by a doctor. If there are any concerns, or if a follow-up is needed, you will be contacted. If you wish to discuss any results, or if your symptoms are ongoing, please make an appointment to see your doctor.

Your Rights

Your rights are covered by the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights. These cover all health services and disability support services in New Zealand.

More information is available at reception.

Your Privacy

We value the confidentiality of your health information, your right to know where your information is held and who can see it. In the course of your treatment, we may need to provide your details and medical history to specialists, hospitals, and other health providers. We ensure that your health information is seen only by those who are involved in your healthcare.

Other information about your care may be shared with other organisations for funding, such as the Ministry of Health, for research and quality improvement. Any information is sent securely and your identity is removed to protect your privacy, however no information is provided without your consent.

Your privacy is protected by the medical ethics of confidentiality, the provisions of Privacy Act 1993, and the Health and Information Privacy Code 1994.

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