travel@fbmc prepares travellers for their journey with up to date travel advice and a vaccination service. Our Freemans Bay clinic provides you with essential pre- and post-travel medical information and care. We can advise you on all aspects of travel medicine, administer the appropriate vaccinations for disease prevention, and alert you to possible hazards. We individualise all care to suit your requirements.

We are a member of the International Travel Society (ISTM) and have access to continually updated international travel advice.

At travel@fbmc we ensure you get the best advice and information by:

  • Offering a dedicated travel clinic

  • Certified to administer Yellow Fever Vaccines

  • Having specialised knowledge regarding patient conditions relating to travel

  • Promote your security and wellbeing during your travels

We advise you to email as soon as you know your itinerary or date of departure. Please give us a detailed itinerary, and let us know if you are travelling with family members or friends.

Phone 09 378 6653 to make a 30 minute appointment with Dr Christine Forster.